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Looking at names for my web site. Loquicious. Julia Roberts used the word "loquicious" on the Oscars Sunday night.

9:48 p.m.

Stories. And what happens when someone takes your story and makes a major profit from it. Well, I don't know exactly. But I suspect this happens every day.

Take this scenario for instance. Say there is a woman. She's single. She gets pregnant. She has a child. It's the middle-70's. The father of the child is an extremely powerful man. Actually, the father of the child is the son of an extremely powerful man. For the man, the woman was a throw-away relationship. She didn't belong in his circle. She would never fit in. She's not someone who his family would choose for him. At this late date, it's useless to get into the politics of why they slept together. They did. It happened. She got pregnant by him. She was white trash, at least to him. He was royalty, at least to himself.

The woman informs the man that she has had his child. She doesn't even ask him for anything. I guess she just wants him to know he has a child. He declares on the spot that he doesn't care about her and he cares even less for the fact that he has a child by her. He tells her that he'll never pay a dime to her or to the kid. He threatens her that if she ever tries to collect child support from him that he'll own the judge, he'll own the jury, and he'll own her lawyer. Fine, whatever.

The woman goes away and tries desperately to make a life for herself and her child. She's unskilled, but takes any job she can get. Life is difficult. One day she connects with an acquaintance from another state. The acquaintance says she'll take her and her child in. The woman moves with her child to the other state. Life gets better. She doesn't have to worry about rent and all that goes with that. She doesn't have to work so much. She's able to spend more time with her child. Then disaster strikes. The home where she's living burns to the ground. It's arson. No one was ever caught.

She has to leave, so she takes her child back to her home state and moves in with her family. Life is once again a struggle. Unfortunately, she is without funds and without the means to get a job. So she goes to the welfare office. They immediately give her assistance. As part of the process, the state wants reimbursement from a responsible party. So, the state sues the man whom she has declared to be the father of the child. The battle begins.

She finally lands a job. Not the most legitimate career, but it's something. Oh, it's a real job, but to some people it's sleazy.

The state, in its everlasting self-righteous quest to be reimbursed for the public assistance they paid to the woman, continues on with suing the man. She's drawn into the lawsuit. It's never ending. Interminable. The man fights the state at every turn.

Here's what happens to her. She tells her story to a reporter. She paints a picture of the man as a monster. She hopes the reporter will tell her story to the world. She wants the world to know what a demon this man, a well-respected pillar of the community, really is. But the reporter doesn't write the article. Instead, he takes her story, sensationalizes it, and writes a book. The writer includes a disclaimer in the front of the book. The disclaimer says, of course, that all characters are fictional. That any resemblance to any real person is pure coincidence. The book doesn't do to well. However, he does sell the movie rights to his book. The movie is made. The reviews are poor. But, because a world famous movie star is cast in the leading role, it's a box office smash.

She woman never gets a penny from this. Life is still a struggle.

There's this chick I went to high school with. She was a year behind me. It appears she has emerged as the darling of the local advertising scene. Actress.

Karen Evans spotting.

I just spotted Karen Evans is a commercial for a local business called ReTool.


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