Lunar Discourse

"Catch Your Dreams Before They Slip Away"


Take a letter Maria.
Address it to yourself.
Say you won't be coming back.
You're going to start a new life.

The whole linking to yesterday and tomorrow thing is too burdensome. I may be dropping it soon.

Also, I'm pretty much resolved that no one is going to see this. Even if they did, they wouldn't care. I mean, who really gives a rat's ass about the ramblings of a 45 year old spinster.

I've been checking out various online journals. There's a lot out there. They're all talking to each other.

I like my domain name, though.

I filed my taxes today. And Allie's and Laura's.

I thought I'd have a catchy opening window with some cool graphic thing. Then a fancy navbar on the left with links to my pages. And links to my friends' pages. But this method seems to be working out okay for now, and I don't have any friends.

I'm hungry.

I wonder if he'd mind if I put a copy of one of his snippets on my page? I could do a thing that says, click here for the sound that lives in my head. But why would I do that? Who cares what sound lives in my head. Oh well.

I don't feel well.

Signing off.


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