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A few keyboard shortcuts I use for Windows.

Start Key (between the CTRL & ALT keys) plus Arrow Keys up down across to select your programs or whatever.

CTRL Z (a lifesaver) is the undo function -- gets back your most recent delete or other action.

CTRL A selects all items in the current window.

CTRL C copies the items that are selected into your clipboard.

CTRL X removes, moves or deletes the items that are selected, but stores them in your clipboard.

CTRL V pastes the items in your clipboard.

Start Key plus M Key immediately minimizes all your open programs, allowing just your desktop to be viewed by your boss (or whoever) lurking over your shoulder.

Start Key plus E opens Explorer (or, file manager as I still call it).

Start Key plus F Key takes you to find files and folders.

Shift Key plus Delete Key deletes an item and bypasses the recycle bin. You can use this in Explorer or most any Windows program navigation folders.

F5 Key to refresh just about anything you would want to refresh.

ALT plus Tab Key lets you flip between all your open programs.

ALT plus F4 closes the program on top.

There are more, but those are my main ones.

Teach yourself one a day. You'll greatly speed up the time you spend computing.

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I keep losing my [Internet] connection. LMC

I want to write something really good.

I think I need to drop any references to my real name from these pages. Also, I should change the name of the registered owner of the domain name. Maybe I'll go by Journal Writer.

Here's a question fer ya... why don't today's radio DJs say the time every couple minutes any more? I miss that.

Life is a rock ... gotta turn it up louder ... so my DJ told me.

Okay. The pic isn't mine. I procured it. It was a promo pic distributed to all sorts of media far and wide at the time. Of course, this particular media didn't exist at the time. However! I'd like to take this opportunity to render my full endorsement by proudly displaying said pic. If this is you, and/or you own this pic, and it is your desire that I remove the pic, please please please let me know and I will most happily, but regrettably, remove it. Thank you.

Bummer. I've just been informed by my domain server that I can't have a customized 404 page. Their exact words were, "This service is not available on your server at the moment. We apologise for any inconvenience and will notify all users when this resumes."

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