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This is so unbelievably bizarre. Today, shortly after lunch, I was sitting at my computer, proofreading a very lengthy document I had just finished typing for the Head. I hear a footstep on the front porch. I look up and there's the mail carrier trying to get in the front side door. This particular door is kept locked at all times. So, I do what I usually do when someone tries to get in that door. I holler out to use the front door. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn't. And I don't know why it doesn't always work, but when it doesn't, I get up, go out the front door, go around to the side, and say, come on in the front door to whoever is standing there, usually still trying to get in that locked door. But, today it worked. The mail carrier went right to the front door upon hearing my voice. For obvious reasons, it's easy to recognize it's not the usual mail carrier, or even the usual substitute mail carrier. I go back to my proofreading as I hear him come in the room. As I'm about to say hi, he says, "does all the mail go here." I reply, yes. And then he says, "well, you don't have to look so disgusted." I say, what? He says, "you rolled your eyes at me and looked disgusted." I apologized and informed him that I was preoccupied with proofreading. He then says, "that doesn't give you the right to treat me like that." Again, I apologized, said I didn't realize I was looking disgusted, that I was just pre-occupied. As he turned around to walk out the front door, I said, hey, what's your name? He said, "why do you want to know." I told him that I didn't think it was proper for a mail carrier to be chastising me whether I deserved it or not. He said, "you can find out my name if you really want to." Then he says, "who's your boss?" At this point I may have actually rolled my eyes for the first time. I told him I work for the people named on the sign out front. Then he says, "well, I just might want to report your behavior." I almost said, please do, but decided this juvenile exchange had gone on long enough. I went back to proofreading, and he left the building. Anyway, whatever.......

Here is a really great idea I just came up with for on-line advertisers. At least I think it's a really great idea. They've got all these pop-up ads popping up all over the place, trying to entice you to visit their site and to buy their product. Why not offer something for free as a further enticement to visit their site. No opt-in. No opt-out. Something that will make the people want to visit their site to get. For instance, like a free MP3. It struck me tonight while I had the television on. There was a commercial for American Express. The background music was a Van Morrison song. And I thought to myself, now, if American Express was offering free downloads of that song just for visiting their site, it would make it worthwhile. Okay, I know a television ad isn't the same as a pop-up ad, but I think this could be developed into something. And, the lure of a free MP3 download might not exactly entice people to visit the web site, but it might at least get them to thinking about it. And ya never know what could happen when people start thinking.

Actually, that reminds me of something. A couple of years ago the Diners Club card had a television ad with a really nice song in the background. I went to their web site in hopes of possibly finding it there. But it wasn't. I filled out their feedback form and told them how great I thought it would be if they would provide a free download of the song. I never expected to hear back from them. But, about three days later, I get an e-mail from the vice president of the company. He said he liked my idea so much that he was having his people look into what would be involved to have the song as a download. Of course, I don't know if it ever happened or not.

Okay, I'm going to the American Express web site right now. Just on a hunch. Looks like they have it there. Crazy Love by Van Morrison. Very nice. But of course you can't download it. And it's got the voice overs and background noise from the commercial. Too bad, but still sorta nice. Such a very beautiful song.

Tomorrow is May Day. To which I say, May Day, May Day. Someone come and get me out of here. Please......

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