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It's Friday. Yes it is.

It's a wild life.

Two Mallards have taken over our back yard. A drake and a hen. They started showing up around here a couple years ago. But usually, after a day or so, they just moved on to parts unknown -- probably the lagoon in the park behind my neighborhood. This time, though, they've been here for over a week. It's obvious that these two belong together. I've never seen them apart.

A month or so ago, the bunnies were so thick around here, I stepped on one, and one stepped on me. Not to worry, both survived.

Speaking of wildlife, if during the summer of 1978 you found yourself at an Illinois Department of Conservation function, and Woodsy the Owl was there, that was me in that costume. One word about donning the Woodsy the Owl costume: Sweltering! Give a hoot! Don't pollute.

What else? Dunno.

Uninspired, I guess.

Not unheard of around these parts.

It's not all about me, I know. But, for now I'm all I've got.

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