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I've lived a life steeped in politics. Ha ha! No, not really. Actually, it's more like a life on the tattered fringes of politics.

Last night my brother reminded me of an event at the Illinois State Armory. He said we were assigned to "work" a particular door. This sounds vaguely familiar. But when it happened, or what the event was, I have absolutely no recollection. I think we were in high school.

I experimented with the Young Republicans at an early age. But, unfortunately for them, they weren't my cup of tea.

There's the story about how, at the age of 18, I inadvertently launched the political career of George Herbert Walker Bush. No, not launched. How bout, greatly furthered. Yeah, that's it.

In the Summer of 1980, I was the one-woman welcoming committee for independent presidential candidate John Anderson at a fund raising luncheon in Chicago. I was drafted at the last minute since no one else wanted to do it.

Just a couple of years ago I was a firsthand eye-witness to a political miracle.

There's more. But it's all much too boring.

Politics are vicious.

Near the beginning of the movie, "When Harry Met Sally," Harry and Sally are driving away from University of Chicago to New York City. But somehow they're heading towards the John Hancock Building. Why would they go that way? The University of Chicago is on the south side of Chicago. The highway to go to New York is also on the south side of Chicago. The John Hancock is on the north side of Chicago. Unless, of course, they're going up through Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, then across Canada to New York. Obviously, the director of photography wanted to show the beautiful Chicago skyline, but I wonder if anyone else noticed this besides me.

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