It seems I've acquired a massive list of on-line journals.

There are a couple noteworthy themes throughout some of these journals:

  1. Many of them are posted by ranters and ravers.
  2. Some of them actually take donations through Paypall ®.
  3. A lot of them are posting to each other and linking back and forth amongst themselves.
  4. Many of them are posting directly at Blogger.com; and just as many of them are using Blogger to create and upload to their own web sites.
  5. A lot of them are using MovableType, which is a "web-based personal publishing system. It is designed to ease maintenance of regularly-updated news or journal sites, like weblogs." A few of MovableType's features are: XML RSS headlines, multiple archiving options, built-in comment system, IP Banning, e-mail notification system, thumbnail creation, publicity and notification, "mail this entry," and XML-RPC API, among others.

I particularly like the idea of trying MovableType. Not because I want or need to do some of those things. And not because most of what I'm presently doing can't be done with HTML -- it can and does -- and it works well for me. There are a lot of things there I'm not doing. But, the idea of using software, XML, Perl, CGI, and some of the other things, on a web site is appealing as a learning experience. I've taken the first two steps by downloading the free software (but, I haven't installed it on this computer yet), and learning that my web server's version of Perl is v 5.6 by Activestate.

So, that's that. For now.

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