25 May 2002

An extensive search of Google turns up two results for "funknotic." And I thought I finally coined a word. Oh, well.

A quick read of the first link doesn't reveal funknotic anywhere to be found therein. However, that site does have some vicious pop-up ads, so no need to go there.

The last link reveals, "exclusive goodies that reflect Chicago's true strength with Derrick Carter's etheral "Do My Thing",the funknotic "Where U Belong" by Gemini and Underground Evolution&JT Donaldson goodies!" Wow! I can't think of a better use for the word. «te he»

I see submarines.

Not really.

Actually, I see sperm. Just one sperm. Every day. All day. It's stuck between my eye and my eyelid. Been there for years.


I just received an e-mail about a computer virus from someone I used to work with at CNN directed to a now defunct e-mail address of mine that I used for work at CNN.

My first question is, why did this person feel compelled to send me this e-mail? For one thing, I rarely had anything to do with this person at CNN. For another thing, I have had nothing to do with this person since CNN.

My next question is, why did this person feel compelled to send this e-mail to the likes of, "Adoption Search Tip of the Week," "eDiets Beauty," "eDiets News," and AOL'S "Screen Name Service," among others? Is this person not bright enough to know that those addresses are nothing more than auto-sender type things? Why are those addresses even in her address book?

My next question -- which really isn't a question, it's me being totally pissed off -- is why would this person choose to share my very private e-mail address with all those other people? People I don't know. People I don't want to know. People who probably have now added me to their address book.

Like I said, Arr.

A couple notable things about this situation.

  1. By the looks of this e-mail, the concern arises, did the person actually send the e-mail, or did the worm send the e-mail? That's one thing. That's a big thing and a valid concern.
  2. Don't be nervous. Don't be rocky. You're our teenaged guest disc jockey. Now.
  3. My girlfriend's run out with my car... oh dang! I lost my entire train of thought on this whole thing and what I was going to rant and rave about.

Updated my AV software and ran a virus check of all files on this computer. Came up clean. So that's good, right?

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