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June 17, 2002

As is obvious, this web journal is it's own format.

Several weeks ago I downloaded the fabulously free Movable Type web log (blog) software.

Then I contacted my web host and learned that they use Perl is v 5.6 by Activestate on the server. That's good since to use MT you have to have at least Perl version 5.004_04 or greater.

But, then I got a little discouraged when I read the installation instructions. Not only are the installation instructions massively lengthy, they're highly technical.

Tonight, I thought I would take the next step and actually unzip the file and commence working with it. However, there's a minor problem. It's a .tar.gz file and neither of my extraction utilities support that format. I have a really old version of PKunzip and WinZip, neither one of which support that format. Of course, I didn't know that prior to attempting to unzip the file. My first clue should have bene when I double clicked the file, instead of unzipping it, the little "Open With" window popped up. Like a dummy, I tried to unzip it with PKunzip. Well, I say dummy, only because I knew it wouldn't work. But, I tried it anyway, and, well, it didn't work. Then, in keeping with my dummy frame of mind, I tried to unzip it with WinZip. That didn't work either. Then, I actually double clicked it again with the intention of trying WinZip again. But, guess what? WinZip wasn't there anymore. Poof! All gone. I have no idea what happened. I browsed around the web for a better extraction utility, but shrugged that off ... for now.

As much as I'd really like to be more technical with this journal, this format really serves me well. And, who says I have to be like everyone else?

Carrie is on TNT right now. The opening scene where she's in the shower is excellent acting by Sissy Spacek. The movie breaks down, for me, in the next scene, where she runs into the locker room in shock from having just gotten her first period. She doesn't know what it is. No one ever explained it to her. She's bleeding and she's frightened. The other girls, in a complete frenzy, take the opportunity to torment her. That's where I have to leave it. I've seen the movie several times and I guess I've reached my limit.

Last night a classmate of my youngest daughter was murdered. His name was Ray. He graduated from high school a week ago. He was in my daughter's Botany class. He was shot in the head after he left the Juneteenth celebration. My daughter's friend, who lives around the corner from us, dated Ray for two years. She is extremely upset. My daughter, the girl around the corner, and another friend, spent the evening together. My daughter, who never really talks about feelings and emotions, came home tonight and, for a few minutes, talked to me about Ray, and about what happened. Although the discussion was short, I think it was good for her. And good for me, because I worry that she doesn't deal with emotions well. She doesn't open up easily. She is visibly upset.

According to the television news, Ray was leaving for Army boot camp tomorrow morning.

Nite nite, Ray.

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