Disarranging Mine: A Journal


July 3, 2002

7:19 p.m.

A success story in the making, this is not. Day three.

Somehow I can make it through the drive to work without craving a cigarette. And somehow I can make it through the morning and the afternoon without taking a smoke break. All the better for my boss, eh? Lunch time isn't a problem. The problem arises when I get home at night. That's when I really really crave a cigarette. It would seem that once I've walked away from the stresses of the day (work) the need for a smoke would be diminished, but it's not.

Still working on the smoking thing.

The best news of all to come out of this week, my boss, hereinafter referred to as the head, left today for vacation. A glorious week and a half. Yes.

More later.

10:12 p.m.

Coveting. This week I've spent a lot of time reading others' journals. There is a lot of great work out there.

Okay, here's a hypothetical moral dilemma. Say you work the drive-up window at a fast food restaurant. The car at the window, waiting for you to deliver the food, has three passengers in the backseat. They are ages 1, 2, and 3. None of them are in car seats. What do you do? Do you keep shut and "mind your own business?" Or do you get involved, and if so, how? Involved as in, do you say something to the driver, like "hey, those kids need to be in car seats?" Do you call the situation to the attention of your manager? What do you do?

last updated: shortly after the key was discovered in her purse on the floorboard of his car in the parking lot in front of the gas station convenience store and she smiled at him and he smiled back

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