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Tuesday ::: July 16, 2002 ::: 10:25 p.m.

I think it's safe to say that < ? positively # > will not be adding me to their list. Therefore, I have removed them (respectfully) from my list.

A couple times a year I delve into my genealogy project. Sometimes the efforts are fruitful and sometimes not. However, I consider the nonfruitful efforts to be somewhat fruitful, in that I've eliminated the work that needed to be done to get to the next point. The work is somewhat intensive, and I tend to lose track of time and other things I should be doing. Therefore, usually after two or three days, I set it down until next time. On about June 3, I started back on the project and as of now, July 16, I'm still at it. However, I think I'm pacing myself a little better this time. That is, as opposed to two or three solid days of doing nothing else, this time I'm giving it two or three hours a week.

This past weekend I located my long lost cousins from my father's side. Unfortunately, it was through their mother's obituary that I was able to find them. I want to write them a letter, but even after thinking about this moment for the last 20 years or so, I have yet to figure out what exactly to say.

Also, as of yesterday, I have located another cousin from my mother's side. The existence of this person was a total surprise. She's on the Internet and we've already started corresponding by e-mail. She seems very nice.

[softly sighing] Sometimes, I really do miss Chicago. This is my old neighborhood.

Gotta rest.

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