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Saturday, August 10, 2002, 1:26 p.m

From the Steeped In Tradition Back In the Day Now That's a Knee Slapper Department. How To Be A Super Secretary, via Trompe le Monde. I think I once had a copy of that pamphlet. *snort*

From the Random URL Department. It looks like bloggity.com, bloggity.net, bloggity.org, and I suppose, bloggity.nu are all available for the taking.

On a similar note I've discovered a five letter URL .org that's available. While it's not an actual word, it certainly acts like a word. It's a suffix. A two syllable suffix, at that. And, get this, it describes me, or at least something I do, almost to a T. Thinking about grabbing it for meself.

Ramada Inn South closed. As the article notes, someone didn't pay the electric bill for like a really long time at the Ramada Inn. Right. You don't pay your electric bill, you get your electricity shut off. Starting with the days leading up to the state fair to the last day of the fair have to be the biggest two week money making stretch for most hotels and motels in Springfield. Which begs the question, if this hotel was allowed to go so long without paying, why did CWL&P wait until the day before the fair started to shut them down?

Turnout low at Harvard Park School meeting:

Principal Kerry Purcell said, however, that the low turnout shows that "people are comfortable with Harvard Park" and cited the supportive questions asked by those who did attend as evidence.

Gee, I wonder if people are really comfortable with Harvard Park. Or is this a reflection of the same parental apathy that got the school into the trouble it's in now? I wonder if that occurred to the principal.

From the How an Illinois Attorney General Investigation Works or Everybody's Doing It So It Must Be Okay Department. Increased gasoline prices said to be fair: Attorney general investigates price jump before state fair:

How an investigation can get prompted:

Attorney General Jim Ryan began the investigation after gas prices in Springfield and other area communities rose about 20 cents Friday morning. People brought the increases to Ryan's attention while he was at the fair, noting that gas prices locally have a history of going up right before the fair begins.

How an investigation goes:

[Ryan spokesman Scott] Mulford said investigative and consumer bureau staff members were in the field Friday checking prices and found them to be in line with where they should be.

That was quick.

Roger Harney, wholesale fuels manager for Lincoln Land Oil Co., which owns Springfield's Quik N EZ stations, said ..."I'm sure by the time the fair's over, the prices will be back down."

Well, yeah.

As usual, those SJ-R links only stay on line for week from their original posting. Making a mental note to write the webmaster, editor, publisher, whoever, to plead for Longer Link Life.

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