Disarranging Mine

Sunday, August 25, 2002, 1:01 a.m.

Sssh... I'm taking The Google Quiz.

The world will be just fine if I refrain from commenting on Digital yentas seek lonely hearts.

5:03 p.m.

Goneaway at Team Murder did an excellent piece entitled, Robot System for Robots which references an item in the logs that goes by "just looking for books." I replied to the post and he gave me a nice mention.

This all goes back to my original item on August 18, 2003 about the dreaded Beijing Express e-mail address extractor.

Now, I'm getting hit with a ton more of these queries on my main index page. A couple questions arise.

One, Are these agent users somehow on to me that I'm on to them and this is some sort of revenge for bringing attention to them? Doubtful, but possible.

Two, If a bunch of these hits are from the same user (which a quick glance indicates they are, even though I haven't done a complete analysis), then is it safe to assume that it thinks I'm going to suddenly start listing "fresh and clean" e-mail addresses on my main index page, when in the past I've never done this? I don't know the answer to this and really don't want to since it would mean getting into the mind of someone who actually paid for this particular agent.

It occurs to me that there is one e-mail address I could list on my main index page — that of the developer of the Beijing Express. But that could be considered evil and I'm not evil. Right? *snicker* Really, I'm not. If I actually knew how to spell "muhahahah" I would have put a gratuitous muhahaha there, but I don't, so I didn't.

Three, I forgot what I was going to say for three.

Anyway, what would the effects be if I drafted a letter to send to the ISP's of some of these Beijing Express practitioners? I wonder if the ISP would be interested? I wonder if the ISP would do anything? I wonder, if the ISP monitors bandwidth (assuming a crawl of thousands of web sites takes up a bunch of bandwidth), if it already knows? Thinking about this real hard before I actually do it.

6:04 p.m.

I just viewed this web page with the OffByOne browser, version 3.2.J.2 (even though I already knew the result would be the same, later 3.2.J. without the last "2"), and I notice something.

The HTML character code I used for the dash in the third to the last paragraph of the above entry did not resolve to a dash. It resolved to the character code. Which makes me wonder what other browsers see it this way? Ah ha! I just checked it in Netscape Communicator 4.04 and it gives the same result. Soooooo *thinking*.... Perhaps if I change the font just for special HTML characters. Not sure. *still thinking*

Also, I noticed that my site, with all tables, looks the same way in Offx1 as it does in Explorer and Netscape. However, Team Murder's site does not look the same. The right hand column is dropped to the bottom of the page. I'm assuming that's because he's using CSS (I didn't check) which is probably not supported by Offx1 (guessing on that one since I haven't actually checked.

More later.

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