Disarranging Mine

Wednesday, August 28, 2002, 5:28 p.m.

Noting that that little BlogSnob script tends to hang my page just a little.

Three-day weekend coming up. I'm gong to treasure ever minute of it too.

I may be looking for a job sooner than I hoped. Our primary client has been forced into liquidation by the Illinois Department of Insurance. Because of this, effective this week, the company no longer has a "duty to defend" its insureds. That's what we do: Defend its insureds. What this means is, no more attorney's fees.

There is no way my boss can afford to pay me and support his family on the pittance he makes off his other clients.

I have a standing job offer from another attorney. Unless I become desperate, I'm not likely to take it, though. A couple problems with the job. One, the job is on the opposite corner of town from where I live. This would more than double my gasoline expense. It would more than double my commute time (not that any trip within the bounds of Springfield could actually be considered a "commute"). And I would have to leave the house early and get home late. Two, the pay is exactly the same as what I'm making now. He wouldn't consider any kind of increase over what I'm presently making. I haven't had a raise in two years. I desperately need more money, especially if I'm going to be adding to my gas expense. And, three, he's got a dress code. He actually expects his employees to dress like they work in an office. That means no more jeans at work and that means I would have to buy a bunch of new clothes. Well, I do have some legitimate office clothes, but I haven't tried them on in years, and I suspect they're too big since I've lost over 40 pounds.

  • C!net: RIAA site comes under second attack.

    Hacking someone's web site is no way to solve anything. However, there's a link on that news article to a screen shot of the RIAA web site that is riotously funny. Got a great laugh after a really rough day.

  • C|net: Tech doesn't buoy Netscape browser. "IE has now reached 96 percent market share, according to StatMarket, up from 87 percent a year ago."

    Now, that's a monster.

    And in local news.

  • State Journal-Register: Tax swap for schools urged; Less from levies on property, more from income, sales.

    From where I sit, this is so bleak, I don't even want to read it. The headline says it all. My reply. Don't increase state income taxes to pay for schools. We are tapped out. And we are taxed out. I would consider, however, supporting an increase in state sales tax, even though Illinois has one of the highest sales tax rates in the country.

    Okay, it got the better of me and I read it. It only names two people on the committee. Both of whom are political slash educational hacks. I wish the paper would have named each of the committee members and what they do for a living and how much money they earn. The people on the committee are delusional. Why doesn't someone form a committee consisting of non-educators?

    From the article, this paragraph stands alone:

    "There are still high schools in this state whose graduates cannot get into the University of Illinois, not because they don't have the grades, but because the offerings aren't there," he said.

    What does that mean? Offerings over grades? I really don't understand.


    The advisory board will seek public comment on the proposals in three hearings: Sept. 12 in Chicago, Sept. 13 in Springfield and Sept. 17 in Belleville.

    Bet ya no one goes.

    And finally, from the Bet This Is The Beginning Of A New Trend Department:

  • Stores busted for bongs; Representatives of two businesses say they're puzzled by DEA raids.

    It is puzzling, until you stop and think of who's running this government now. If anyone knows someone in another town who operates a "head" shop or even a gift shop that sells exotic smoking materials, point them to this article. Words to heed.

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