Disarranging Mine

Monday, September 2, 2002

Midnight or so.

There is really no way to express how much I am so thoroughly enjoying this three-day weekend.

Okay, I'll try. Exhilarated. Giddy. Lighthearted. Happy. Freeeeeeee.

Speaking of free...

I want my next job to be free of so many dire deadlines.

I want my next job to be free of ungrateful bosses.

I need my next job to be free of barking bosses.


CNN's web site has an article entitled, Saved by Jewish man on 9/11, Pakistani Muslim reaches out; 'Brother ... grab my hand, let's get the hell out of here'. It's the story of how Usman Farman, a Pakistani and a Muslim, whose life may very well have been saved by an unknown Hasidic Jew within minutes after the attacks on the World Trade Center. You can read the article for the full picture.

Related: In a futile attempt to try to make sense of what happened on September 11, I started collecting links to articles, information web sites, opinion web sites, and even some propaganda web sites. One link I saved was to a message posted on September 14 by "tim330i" on the E46 Fanatics message board. I think tim330i is one of the owners of the E46 web site. The message board post begins, in part:

My name is Usman Farman and I graduated from Bentley with a Finance degree last May. I am 21 years old, turning 22 in October; I am Pakistani, and I am Muslim. Until September 10th 2001, I used to work at the World Trade Center in building #7. I had friends and acquaintances who worked in tower #1 right across from me. Some made it out, and some are still unaccounted for. I survived this horrible event.

Clicking on the message board link will give you the original e-mail from Usman Farman in full.

That's the same guy. Same story. Resurfaced almost a year later. A lot of things are resurfacing lately.

Nearly a year later I'm still trying to make sense of what happened. I think a lot of us are.

2:00 p.m.


3:30 p.m.

I'm doing this again: Monday Mission.

1. What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you on a date? Gee, there've been so many. Where do I start? Notably embarrassing, but not the most: I fell asleep, sitting up, at a pizza restaurant. Unfortunately, the most embarrassing things I've done on a date won't be related here. Just suffice to say they involved either sex, drugs, or rock n roll.

2. Do you eat your veggies? Yes, but not beets.

3. Most people are comfortable going to the bathroom in front of at least one person. Has anyone ever used the restroom in front of you that you wish wouldn't have? What happened and how bad was it? No one has ever used the bathroom in front of me that I wished wouldn't have.

4. Have you ever had a bad online transaction? You know, the item wasn't what you thought it would be, you got totally ripped-off, no refunds, it just plain sucked? What's the story there? No. I buy very little on line, and when I have it's only been through the most reputable web sites or individuals.

5. Ever have a current love find any old love letters (or similar item) you kept that probably should have been thrown away? How did that turn out? No.

6. A secretary at work was telling me about a trip she took to Mardi Gras. She showed off her beaded necklaces and proudly said she "earned' each and every one of them (for those not familiar with this tradition, ladies walking up Burbon St. in New Orleans will flash people who are upon the balconies, in return the guys will throw them worthless plastic necklaces). I was shocked, I had no idea this quiet gal had a wild side. Was there ever a time when you did something totally outrageous because you knew no one would know who you were, or maybe didn't care even if they did? If you were around in the mid-70's, you probably remember a significant social phenomenon known as the wet T-shirt contest. Do they still have em? Not sure. Anyway, I let my best friend talk me into entering a wet T-shirt contest at a very crowded bar. About halfway through the first spray, I started regretting it. However, I stuck it out and won second place. I would have won first place, except the chick who came in first was a shoe-in for Raquel Welch. Her name was Gail and she was my best friend.

7. Hey, what happened to you last night? I waited forever! Get used to it.

BONUS: I know I could break you down, but what good would it do? Here I am in silence. It's a game I have to play. You and I in silence, with nothing else to say.

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