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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Old Archives

I couldn't stand it anymore, so I added back the old journal. See link under the archives section on the right. Please let me know if there are any broken links or missing photos or whatever. (As in, if I screwed up, which is highly likely.)

Next up, figuring out if I want to do categories. And, if so, figuring out what categories I want to do.

Also on the agenda, modifying the templates and style to something more personalized. But, I imagine that'll take a while since I really don't know what I'm doing with that issue.

Deciding if I want to do trackback isn't even an issue at this point. Same for an internal site search. Maybe further down the road.

What else?

Worth mentioning: I loaded this page from somebody else's computer today using IE 4.0 (of all things!), and only about the top half loaded. It was strange though, because at first it looked like the whole page was there, but then it wasn't. As of yet, I haven't tried it in Netscape, Opera, Offx1. Okay, I just remembered something from when CNN switched over to CSS. Something about CSS is not compatible with older browsers. Well, that's a given, eh?

Posted by Marie at September 11, 2002 1:12 AM


This is an IE bug. If you hit F11 twice (or refresh via the menu) it will load the rest of the page. I think this is only in IE 5.5. I don't use it so I can't say for sure.

As far as internal searches go: here for edification.

Posted by: goneaway at September 12, 2002 9:32 PM

Thanks for the search tip. I'll check that out this weekend.

I just viewed the review/index page in a couple other browsers with varying results.

BTW, thank you for linking to me on your web site. That's really nice. :)

Posted by: Marie at September 13, 2002 12:27 AM