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Friday, September 13, 2002

Browser tests

I just viewed this page in Opera 5. Looks exactly the same as in IE 5.5. I should probably take some time to update Opera in the near future.

Viewed the page in OffByOne. The whole page loads, but the column formatting isn't there. I expected that from previous experience. However, it was very readable. Love that little browser.

And finally, Netscape 4.04. The page is totally out of whack on that. And the browser crashed ta boot. As I recall, 4.04 was touted as one of the worst versions. However, it came bundled with Word Perfect 8, and I liked the built-in html editor, so I kept it on here.

At one point, I had several other browsers on this machine, but I must have discarded them after I tried them.

Also, I just loaded the archives page and noticed that the flag picture I posted didn't show. I thought for sure I got the path right. I would have thought if it showed up on he main page, it would on the archive page. I did something wrong somewhere.

Posted by Marie at September 13, 2002 12:39 AM