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Friday, September 13, 2002

Law Office Horrors

Have you ever heard stories about how an enraged client goes to his lawyer's office and wreaks havoc of some sort. Several years ago, a couple counties over, a lawyer was shot to death in his office. I can't recall the exact circumstances, but I think it was the disgruntled spouse of one of the lawyer's divorce clients.

A couple weeks ago, the boyfriend of a client of the other lawyer who rents space in our building came in and caused a major scene. Since I sit in the front office, I was the brunt of his hostility. It was very scary and I should have called the police, but I didn't.

Then, yesterday, one of my boss's long lost clients came in and verbally took his hostility out on me. We sent him a letter with not so good news and needless to say, he was extremely upset. Everyone was out of the building at the time. I'm sitting in my chair at my desk, he walks right up to me, on my side of the desk, towers over me, and starts ranting and yelling. When I asked the guy to please back up, he refused. This goes on for a couple minutes and I finally picked up the phone and called 911. As the 911 is ringing, I told the guy to please leave, that I was calling the police. He refused and kept yelling. The dispatcher picks up, and I ask him to please send over a squad car that I am being harassed and need to have someone removed from my office. The whole time I was telling the dispatcher this, the guy is still yelling. Guess what? The dispatcher, who had to hear what is going on, actually had the audacity to ask me if the guy had a right to be there. I was stunned. Trying not to get into an argument with the dispatcher in front of the guy, I persisted by saying to please hurry. The dispatcher starts asking me additional questions, like the guy's name, my name, confirming my address. The guy is still yelling. At this point, I'm beyond stunned. I'm totally pissed. Finally, the guy left the building. Unfortunately, I was so beside myself, I neglected to get the name of the officer I was talking to. Even though the guy didn't specifically threaten me, I felt threatened and I thought I could call on the police to help. But, I guess not.

Due to law office confidentiality policies, that's about as far as I can go with the details.

I'm considering drafting a letter to the chief of police. I don't know.

Posted by Marie at September 13, 2002 8:00 PM