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Saturday, September 14, 2002

To Feed or Not to Feed

Some blogs I read regularly, but not necessarily daily. Others, I read more sporadically. Others, I don't read at all. Well, yeah, cuz there are just like too many, man. Anyway, one such blog I read sporadically is Bret Fausett's icann Blog (and now youcann too ... heh, I've always wanted to say that). Recent noteworthy item from Bret:

News Aggregators and Yellowtext.

Speaking of newsfeeds, Andy Ihnatko's Yellowtext now has an RSS feed, and he explains to his readers how to use a new breed of applications called News Aggregators. If you're not using one, you should try it. ...

Hopping over to Andy's site, I find in addition to his excellent instructions, he's got links two aggregators, one for Mac (NetNewsWire) and one for Windows (NewzCrawler). I didn't check the link for Mac, but a quick peek at the link for Windows reveals that it's not free. That's okay (yeah, I actually do pay for software). It does have a free trial period.

Now I wonder how many people are using news aggregators and which ones they're using and how and why. I did a quick search on Tucows for "news aggregator" and found a possible 86 items, many of which are actually geared to usenet. As yet, I haven't checked any of the other download sites. I did, however, check my fave non-usenet news group for any mention of news aggregators and found nothing there.

If I try out the NewzCrawler, will report back here.

From the Googling in the Kitchen Department, as found on icann.blog:

Here's one place where search trumps the DNS: the kitchen. Judy Hourihan describes 'Googlecooking': "Recently I've become a Google cook. What I mean is, shortly before supper time I look around for some combination of foods I've got on hand and which seem like they might go together. Then I 'google' them ...and browse through the results until I find a recipe that appeals to me." It really works too, though I found adding the word "recipe" to the list of ingredients yields better results.

Great idea! If you cook.

Posted by Marie at September 14, 2002 11:45 PM