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Thursday, October 17, 2002

Crowded space

More on the continuing saga leading up to the big move.

This week I went to visit my future office. It's in another old building. It's tastefully decorated (if it was a bordello). There is a beautiful non-working fireplace with a raised hearth.

And, I found out that I'm not really going to have my own office after all. Why am I not surprised? Instead, I'm going to be in the front office. As in, I'm going to be the receptionist. Arr. I'm really not a very good receptionist. I keep telling myself, "no big deal." Yeah, right.

One good thing, though, I'm still getting the big desk. That's good, since on my desk will be lots o' big stuff, including:

- My computer. Okay, that's expected.
- Two phones. Yeah, two phones.
- A laser printer. A really old one that takes up a lot of space.
- A fax machine. Oh, man...

Can it get any more crowded? How about a postage meter and scale? A typewriter? Let's hope not.

Remember how I mentioned that the desk was going to take up the whole office (when I thought I was getting an office, that is)? While the desk won't take up the whole front room, it will take up most of the width of the front room. What that means is that people going from in front of the desk to behind the desk (where all the offices are), will have to walk with one foot on the raised hearth and one foot on the floor. When I pointed this fact out to my boss, he sharply replied, "I know!" Well, alrighty then.

It's gonna be fun. Not.

Posted by Marie at October 17, 2002 9:07 PM


Oh man, it sounds like your new office isn't gonna be perfect... I'm sorry!!!

Posted by: kristine at October 17, 2002 9:52 PM

Thanks Kristine. After today, I think my days at this job are numbered. I'll probably write more about it later.

Posted by: Marie at October 18, 2002 6:46 PM