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Friday, November 01, 2002

Dear Naveed

I'm not a sir. I'm a girl. And, I don't work for Hotmail or Microsoft. Some time ago I had a Hotmail episode and blogged about it. That's all. But, thanks for writing anyway.

Date/Time of Posting: Nov 01 2002 / 06:33:42 message = Dear Sir ,,, Plz Help me I m naveed from pakistan and my id is [e-mail address snipped by Marie] today when i looged on my account and want to check my mail but i still error HOTMAIL ACCOUNT CLOSED. ACCESS DENIED. WHAT IS THIS plz help me how to refresh my acoount BCZ my mails are very important for me plz and reply me on [different e-mail address snipped by Marie, again]

You sound like a really sweet person. Whatever the reason, I'm sorry you lost your Hotmail access. Unfortunately, even if you were able to get your access back, all that mail is gone forever. My advice is to just get over it and move on. Like most wounds, this will get better with time. Sorry I can't do more.

Posted by Marie at November 1, 2002 8:42 PM


Dear NAVEED, there he's on his knees again- trying hard to understand why you would let a young man die. Convinced that he might break he reaches for that phone, and then another day is gone. And I can't live here anymore, but it's hard when you reach for that floor. There's something that tears me inside, no but I can't live here anymore. Come come Naveed, come come stay.

Posted by: Raine at December 9, 2002 10:05 PM