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Friday, November 08, 2002

Move day rehash

The much anticipated and scorned big move happened today. And I gotta tell ya, I not only survived, I survived with a smile on my face. I'm just so glad it's behind us.

Every move day has got to have its good points and bad points. And this day was no different.

We got all the files moved, the furniture moved, the copier moved, and the library (more about that further down) moved. We didn't have to move my old desk, of course, because I'm getting a new super large fabulously beautiful desk at the new place. I've now seen my new desk at the new place. It is not super large. It's normal size. It's not beautiful. It's plain. Oh, and the part about no one being able to squeeze between the desk and the fireplace? Pfft! Three normal size people, side by side, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, could pass through that space with room left over.

One bad thing, through, we don't have phone service at the new place. Don't know when we'll get phone service at the new place. Maybe some day. My boss doesn't seem to care, so I guess I don't either.

When I go to work on Monday, I'm going back to the old place. My phones, old desk, computers and printer, and fax are still there. Just about everything anyone would need to play office is still there. Well, except for the copier. Oh, and all my files. But, hey, who needs files?

When my boss goes to work on Monday, he's going to the new place. Yes!

If you're interested, read on for the really bad thing and the really good thing.

One really bad thing happened today. My boss has a one of a kind table in the library. This table is massive. It's so big, it comes apart in three sections. It's mahogany and beautiful. And, it's very valuable. So, valuable, that a value can't really be placed on it. Well, that's the story, anyway. It's the kind of table you might find in a boardroom of a Fortune 500 company. Just huge. And rock solid. Or, so we thought. There's a glass top for the table, but it's in storage. Good thing, too. The table is staying with the building. The folks who bought the building, bought the table too. Or, so they think.

Midmorning, my boss goes upstairs to start taking the books off the bookshelves. He tells me to come up and help him when I get done with whatever I was doing at that moment. I stalled. By the time I got up there, he had several bookcases emptied. He was stacking the books on the end of the table. He told me to start at the other end of the room and do the same thing he was doing. Okay.

He was in an excellent mood. The sun was shining into the room through the stained glass windows making beautiful and colorful designs on the walls. I had my camera up there and fully intended to take some pictures before the sun moved away. But, for the sake of my boss's continuing good mood, I thought I better get some more books removed first.

He remarked that the book movers were sure going to have it a lot easier than he did when he moved into the library. Why is that? Well, he says, I had to bend and pick the books up off the floor. Ahh. He said he was glad we had this really solid table to put them on. Oh, yeah, me too.

By the time I got near the bottom of my second bookcase, I told him I was going to do the rest of the case from a chair. No problem. He would have done the same thing, except the area he was working in was a good 15 feet from his end of the table. My area was a mere couple of feet from the table.

I take a seat, strategically place myself between the shelf and the table. Grab handful of books, swivel in chair, place books on table. Swivel back. Repeat.

As I'm about to swivel back for the last time, I hear a rumble. At first, I thought it was an earthquake. I shouted my boss's name. He looks at me, and in less than a split second, the entire three sections of the table went crashing down. All the books I had put on my end of the table (about 300), went sliding off the broken table and spilled on me and around me. Still sitting, I was waist deep in books. Heavy books. I couldn't move my feet. The table would have landed on my lap, except the arm of my chair broke the fall.

Everybody else in the building (all six of them, including the movers) heard the crash and came running upstairs.

I think my boss was really stunned. He just stood where he was. Motionless. His face went completely white. It was as if he had just witnessed his worst nightmare. I guess he did. His prized table, gone, dead, kaput, turned to caca.

One of the furniture movers pulled me out of the mess. Turns out, I could move my feet, afterall. However, I was shaking like a leaf. I left.

Later in afternoon, after my boss went home to take a nap, a friend and client, who also happens to be a general contractor and carpenter, came to take a look at the table. He's confident he can repair it. If he can, that would be really nice. But, it won't be cheap.

The really good thing about today? The furniture mover guys. They were fun and funny and spirited and just a really nice bunch of guys.

Posted by Marie at November 8, 2002 7:24 PM