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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

A few things

Found on, a link to a lesson learned and some good advice on why you should keep on top of when your domain name comes up for renewal. Mr. Roboto of the Village Voice answers the question, "Q: A year ago, I registered an Internet domain name for the college club I head. Our treasurer was one day late in sending in our renewal fee last month, and in that 24-hour span the name was sold to a hardcore porn site! Is there any way to reclaim it?"

Also on, an ABC News article about the recent flap over the use of the name "Bill Wyman." And, words to heed if you're the recipient of, or sender of, a cease and desist letter: New Architect/Cease and Desist.

And, I think I just discovered a good way to use MovableType to keep track of all my favorites: MovableType Forums. Via: ETC. Indulging my inner geek.

P.S. Unsolicited advice to Bill Wyman: Lighten up. You are much more than your name. At least I though you were.

Posted by Marie at December 3, 2002 1:11 AM