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Sunday, December 08, 2002


I'm watching TNT's "Miss Lettie and Me." Two noteworthy things. One, even though the plot and lines are pretty much predictable, the show definitely qualifies as a tearjerker. Well, I guess that's something. Two, the skin on Burt Reynolds face is looking distractingly taut. I guess he opted to age unnaturally as opposed to gracefully. Umm, make that three things. The role of Isaiah (farmhand, housekeeper, advisor, and Miss Lettie's verbal conscience), is played by Charlie Robinson of Night Court fame. He should have got top billing, because he definitely carries the show.

Posted by Marie at December 8, 2002 11:14 PM


It was a tear jerker, but it was a copy of "Pollyanna" and/or "Anne of Green Gables". I sniffled..but I was ashamed.

Not a big Burt Reynolds fan, loved Mary Tyler Moore in "Ordinary People", one of my favorites. I would not have paid to see this movie and/or I would have been angry had I paid to see this movie.

But I Cried, (lol)

Posted by: Katherine at December 11, 2002 10:24 PM

Ack! It was on again tonight. Ordinary People was a great movie.

Posted by: Marie at December 14, 2002 11:48 PM