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Monday, December 23, 2002


If you travel in Illinois, IDOT has a web site where you can get up to the minute road conditions.

Starting in January, Illinois will begin issuing Route 66 license plates for an extra fee. Good thing, too, since we don't have a lot of license plate choices here. Haha. No, not really. We actually have an over-abundance of choices.

I recall when I got my first set of license plates. They came in the mail. Inside was a scrap of paper that said something like, "I made these plates just for you. I'm innocent. I am not a criminal. Please help me." I was so upset. A little later, I learned my dad wrote the note and put it in with the plates as a joke for me. Shortly after that the state started contracting to a private company to make license plates instead of having prisoners make them.

Posted by Marie at December 23, 2002 11:56 PM


hehe, sounds like your dad likes to play lots of pranks? :)

i'm upset jessie white raised the plate renewals to insane levels. i voted for him in...1998 :(

and if i see that girl again...well, i'll need drugs to make me think i'm someone i'm not for anything to actually happen :(

Posted by: kaiser at December 24, 2002 11:13 AM