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Saturday, December 28, 2002

Tell me if she laughs or cries

Recounting the last two days Through the Past Darkly.

Today was Friday. While pondering the meaning of life and the events of the last year, I figured out that, whether I have ten things to do in a day or a hundred, it all takes the same amount of time. The only difference is, less to do the next morning. Yeah, I observe.

J-Girl brought her little boy to work today. What a sweetheart he is, too. He's six. For some unknown reason, little kids like me. I'm not sure why, really. Anyway, the two of us got along famously. I especially enjoyed the part where he demonstrated how to crawl up the stairs ... on his back ... with one foot caught between the handrail and the wall. I have to believe he knew from the moment we met that I would appreciate such a feat. And, I did! We both had a roaringly good laugh ... after I extricated his foot and the panic wore off.

Later in the morning, we put together a Spiderman puzzle on my sprawling desk. He's well versed in all things Spiderman. But, when I asked him if he ever refers to Spiderman as "Spidey," he said, "oh no! I'm not there yet." Well, yeah. I shoulda known. They all left at 1:00.

A little later, my boss came in from shopping. And :::really long drum roll::: he brought me a brand new printer! Woot! It's a little on the slow side, but it's a laser and does everything I need in a printer Of course, I'll have to feed envelopes manually, and it only has one paper tray, but hey, I'm back in business.

Yesterday was Thursday. Even though I was pretty busy all day, only one thing stands out as worth mentioning. This is how it went:

Boss: Do we have Word Perfect on that computer?
Me: Yes.
Boss: So, we don't need to spend $499 to buy Word Perfect?
Me: No.
Boss: What about Corel? Do I have Corel?
Me: Corel is the manufacturer. That's who makes Word Perfect.
Boss: You might want to start looking for a new job.
Me: Okay.
Boss: If you find something, I'd like a little notice. But, if not, I'll understand.
Me: Do I have a deadline or anything?
Boss: I'm thinking the end of January.
Me: Okay. Thank you for letting me know.

We were both exceptionally calm. No one freaked. I've been expecting this for a long time. The only surprise is that he kept me on as long as he did. This is not his fault. I do not blame him at all. There is no blame. We are both victims of our client's circumstances. He's going to suffer a lot more than me, unfortunately. That is, he's got a whole lot more income to find a replacement for than I do.

Now, I suppose I'll probably start telling stories of all the fond memories we had together. And, yes, there are a lot of good memories.

Hire me, and you, too, can have fond memories. I'm suddenly really tired.

Posted by Marie at December 28, 2002 1:19 AM