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Thursday, January 02, 2003

Nobel Peace Prize comes to Illinois?

Our soon to be ex-governor, George Ryan, is being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his position against the death penalty. See, SJR: Ryan to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize and StopCapitalPunishment.Org.

George Ryan's tenure in Illinois government will, in my opinion, prove to be one of the most controversial periods in the history of Illinois politics. It all started with the licenses for bribes scandal when he was the Illinois Secretary of State. That was really bad. People died because other people bought their Commercial Driver's License when they couldn't pass the CDL test. Of course, that didn't fully come to light until after Ryan was governor.

That lead to an investigation of campaign practices and subsequent indictments of Ryan's top two men and the Citizens for George Ryan, Sr., Campaign, itself. We have yet to see full fallout from those indictments. That is, the indictment refers to an unnamed official. Two weeks from today, Ryan will exit the office of the governor, and he could very well walk right into the handcuffs of federal agents. I could be wrong. We'll see.

The Peace Prize nomination is being formed byProfessor Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois School of Law. I've heard Professor Boyle is not without controversy, himself. But, I like him.

Posted by Marie at January 2, 2003 9:33 PM


Would the Alfred Nobel Committee come to Vienna Correctional Center to give the award, you think?

One of my uncles told me last weekend he's rooting for him to be stuck at Vienna since he tried to shut it down a year ago. The guards that would have been out of work can take turns thanking him.

Admittedly I do agree with his moratorium on the death penalty, even though it's probably just to convince Wisconsin not to fry him once he's convicted of involuntary vehicular manslaughter. [/impossible pipe dream]

He'll walk.

Posted by: Peter at January 4, 2003 12:56 AM