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Friday, January 10, 2003

Top 10 follow-up

About a month ago, I posted my list of the top ten greatest artists of all time in response to Michelle's list. Now, the list is out, as compiled by her radio station:

10. U2
9. Led Zeppelin
8. Elvis Presley
7. Tori Amos
6. Van Morrison
5. Bruce Springsteen
4. Neil Young
3. The Rolling Stones
2. Bob Dylan
1. The Beatles

Hey, I got four out of ten. Woo! While their list doesn't quite match my list (mine's better), I can live with it, except for one. Who the hell is Tori Amos? Don't answer that. I don't really want to know.

Posted by Marie at January 10, 2003 11:29 PM


Mom, i have a Tori Amos CD if you would like to hear it sometime. she is a piano player and vocalist, very dramatic music.

Posted by: Allie at January 11, 2003 4:41 AM

Tori is wonderful. You really should hear some of her music. Maybe that will be the next current download!

Seriously, though, she was a piano prodigy and her music is so moving. I was lucky enough to catch her on tour once and I wept through a few of her numbers.

Posted by: Kymberlie R. McGuire at January 13, 2003 11:25 PM