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Monday, January 20, 2003

More Illinois coinage

It's the middle of January and I still haven't seen any of the new Illinois quarters. Not to worry, there's a new coin in town. Well, not quite a coin. It's a medallion. And not just one. There are five of them. From the State Treasurer's web site:

Series of medallions which will as a tribute to the accomplishments of five of Illinois' most beloved citizens: Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Ronald Reagan, the late Governor of Illinois Adlai E. Stevenson and the late Mayor of Chicago Harold Washington.

Pricing: "Gold Select Proof costs $55.00; the Silver Proof cost $35.00; and the Brass cost $10.00." One thing though, you can't just bop into the Treasurer's office to buy them. You have to order them from the Northwest Territorial Mint.

Link via SJR.

Posted by Marie at January 20, 2003 1:52 AM


"...five of Illinois' most beloved citizens..."

Insert your own George Ryan joke here, because I'm too tired to.

Posted by: Peter at January 20, 2003 4:11 PM

I've been keeping my a look out for them - I'll let you know if I spot any quarters down here!

Posted by: Christine at January 21, 2003 12:51 AM

Funny - I just got 2 of them (Illinois quarters) tonight!! One went in my book, the other was my buddy's - so he's got it... Guess they're more prominant in Michigan??

I still need Mississippi's from 2002... *sigh*

Posted by: Zaldor at January 22, 2003 2:30 AM