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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

She's so c-c-c-cold

Slip sliding away. Down the driveway. Me. Surfer style.

The last step off my porch is higher than it should be. That's because the ground is lower than it should be. The ground is sinking. It's a slow long process. The ground is sinking, in part, because there's a coal mine under most of Springfield.

The first step onto the driveway off the porch is extremely slippery. That's due, in part, to melting, freezing, remelting and refreezing. I've salted and sanded it, but it's still extremely slippery.

There's nothing to hold on to when taking that last step. There is the downspout attached to the corner of the house. But, I try not to hang on to the downspout because I have this little vision of falling and pulling the downspout off the house and taking the gutters with me.

Tonight, instead of my usual routine of slipping and trying not to fall, or the sometimes alternative, where I miraculously just keep walking, I actually started sliding down the driveway in the upright position. I turned to the side, pointed my left hand forward, and my right hand back, and ice surfed for about three feet. Remarkably, I didn't fall. Was cool.

Posted by Marie at January 22, 2003 10:26 PM