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Sunday, January 26, 2003

Man from Mars

First, I thought I might want to know you. Know you better. Then, I thought I knew you. No, not like knowing someone inside and out, spiritaully, and physically, and meta-emotionally, and everything else. But, I came to think and feel and believe we had really met somewhere before. Somewhere in the past. Some time long ago that was slipping from the edge of my memory. Maybe it was on a patio where the concrete meets the poppies on a bright sunny summer afternoon under the cool shade of a big maple tree and you were laughing in a dream. Or maybe it was in a restaurant that mistook itself for a library. Or was it was actually a library that mistook itself for a restaurant? I can't recall. Or maybe we knew each other for a few brief moments in a car driving along a rolling river, smoking a joint, and laughing together at the world beyond. I thought I knew you then.

Since I lost you
I can't get through the day
Without at least one big boo-hoo
The pain won't go away
What am I gonna do?
Man from Mars
This time you went too far

I fall apart
Everytime I think of you
Swallowed by the dark
There is no center to my life now
No grace in my heart
Man from Mars
This time you went too far

I call and call
The silence is so full of sounds
You're in them all
I hear you in the water
And the wiring in the walls
Man from Mars
This time you went too far

Copyright - Joni Mitchell

Posted by Marie at January 26, 2003 1:58 PM