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Saturday, February 01, 2003

Blogging news and more

• Are you pinging Wander-Lust.com when you publish entries to your weblog? If not, try it. It works for most of the publishing clients (I think). In addition to their pinging service, they now have categories. And, it's all freeee! Woo!

• Best kept secret in the blogging world? Ha! I'm pretty sure the entire blogging world, if not the entire world, already knows this. Professional journalist and syndicated columnist Dave Barry has a blog. (Okay, Dave, when do I get my money?)

• My new drink of choice is Diet Vanilla Coke. Actually, I've always loved this drink and have even been known to mix a few, myself. Just this week I discovered Diet Vanilla Coke in a can. So, that's good.

• I'm still unemployed. I'm still looking for a job. Desperation has not quite set in, yet. Edginess has set in.

• I have composed the perfect lawyer slogan. It has to be, by far, the most catchy, effective attorney slogan around. It's perfect for visual, audio, and print (i.e., billboards, yellow pages, bumper stickers). Unfortunately, it's only suitable for bankruptcy or divorce lawyers (so far). I'm taking offers.

Posted by Marie at February 1, 2003 12:28 AM


I decided that I really like Vanilla coke, too. Which shouldn't be surprising because Cherry coke is my fav, and its the same idea. There's a little diner down the road that actually mixes their own Vanilla and Chocolate coke, in addition to the Cherry coke with grenadine. I was suprised that I liked Chocolate coke -- it wasn't weird like I thought it might be, but had a really nice taste!

I've been thinking about you and your job situation -- I'm sure something is going to come your way soon :)

Posted by: kristine at February 1, 2003 11:15 PM

Thanks Kristine. I've got a line on a couple good prospects this week. Have you ever tried Cherry-Orange? Take something like Fanta orange soda and mix it with cherry juice. Ooh la la!

Posted by: Marie at February 2, 2003 9:41 PM

I have an idea for coke. Coke with lime.
They have coke with lemon why not coke with lime. That's what I like to order when I'm out. "Diet Coke with lime, please." You can always tell a good waitress if she brings you a lime. I find most of the time they forget. The other night I could have sworn the waitress brought me a diet coke with a "used" lime wedge. It was pretty disgusting.

Posted by: Carol at February 9, 2003 8:35 PM