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Friday, February 07, 2003

Wild horses

From the Unfuckingreal Department. Apparently, we're still not done taking their property. The federal government is rustling the livestock of two elderly Native American sisters, Carrie and Mary Dann, in Nevada. They are the last of their Shoshone family living in the Crescent Valley. The sisters (ages 70 and 80) have been in a dispute with the government over the rights to their land for 30 years. Back in 1863 the Shoshone Nation and the government entered into the Ruby Valley Treaty, whereby white settlers were granted access to the land, but not the title. In 1970 the Indian Claims Commission (abolisted in 1978; now part of the U.S. Court of Claims) found that the Shoshones didn't have any right to the land due to "gradual encroachment" of the settlers.

In September, 40 heavily armed federal agents, joined by helicopters, descended on the valley and rounded up 232 head of the Danns' cattle, which were later sold at auction. Then today, the government started after their horses.... Chastened by bad publicity that the September raid drew, the authorities handled today's roundup less aggressively. The operation began in daylight instead of moonlight. Roads were not blockaded.

How considerate of them.

See, NYT: U.S. Agents Seize Horses of 2 Defiant Indian Sisters.

Posted by Marie at February 7, 2003 10:49 PM