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Saturday, February 08, 2003

Dork defined


So, I'm sitting here at the computer doing some really serious stuff, ya know, and in comes an e-mail. Hark! How exciting for me. Strange thing, though, the from line indicates someone I know in real life, but rarely e-mail with because of the phone. Stranger thing, the subject line is the same subject line as an e-mail I sent to a completely different person last night.

Puzzled, I think to myself, what is this some new kind of e-mail virus turnaround spam thing that no one told me about?

The answer is, no. I sent the e-mail to the wrong person. It just so happens that the person who I sent the e-mail to has the same name as the person I intended to send the e-mail to. And I clicked the wrong name in my address book. I shouldn't have either of these people in my address book, but I guess I do.

Oddly, the recipient thanked me for the e-mail which had to have made absolutely no sense.

Posted by Marie at February 8, 2003 8:35 PM