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Monday, February 17, 2003

Monday Mission 0217

Taking the Promo Guy Monday Mission 3.07 out for a little spin. Clutch.

1. For me, breakfast usually consists of a bagel and cream cheese. And I wait until about 10AM to eat it, mostly to avoid eating a mid-morning snack. What do you like to eat for breakfast? Do you even eat breakfast?

Ooh! I love a grilled bagel with cream cheese. Hey, it's not just for breakfast. Rarely do I eat breakfast in the morning. I do, however, like to eat the breakfast at night. Gimme two eggs, poached, white toast with butter, hash browns, and a diet Coke. If I think I can afford the extra calories and grease, and I'm feeling a little indulgent, I'll order a side of sausage links. Ohh!

2. Back in 1990, I worked at a radio station in the Promotions Department. Our office was directly below the DJ booth. One day there was this thundering bass booming from upstairs. It was just a huge booming sound, with an amazing beat. My manager and I bolted out of the office and up the stairs to the production room. When we opened the door I was smacked in the body by a wall of sound. What I heard reminded me of "Super Freak" but the bass was thumping like I'd never heard before. Then the vocals began, it was a "rap" I would never forget: "My, my, my music hits me so hard, makes me say 'Oh, My Lord, thank you for blessin' me, with a mind to rhyme and two hyped feet.'" The song was MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" and it blew my mind. What was the song that "blew your mind" and is etched in your brain forever? Recall the moment and why it remains in your mind.

Ahh! There have been more mind blowing musical moments than I can possibly recount. Where should I begin.

When I was a very small child, my parents would sometimes throw Saturday night dances in our basement. These weren't large affairs. Usually it was just them and another couple or two. Long after I was supposed to be asleep, I'd sneak through the house to the top of the basement stairs, just above the landing, being careful to remain out of sight.

From my little vantage point, all I could see were the bottom halves of their legs and their feet. The ladies wore their calf length slacks, flats, and no stockings, and the guys wore their Levis, white socks, and loafers. That was dressed up in our house.

I was particularly interested in watching my parents dance. Oh, boy, they could really dance.

They'd play albums on the hi-fi. Just about the time I'd start to get really sleepy and ready to finally go back to bed, my song would come on the hi-fi — Tommy Dorsey's version of "Marie." Suddenly, I'd be wide awake and ready to go bounding down the stairs and start dancing. But, I refrained.

When I hear that song now, my mind and spirit are promptly drawn back to that place in time... at the top of the stairs.

Interesting. I just checked, and it appears Tommy Dorsey's Greatest Hits is available at Amazon and you can hear a sample of "Marie" right now Also, Tommy and Jimmy have a boxed set coming out next week. Wow! This music never dies.

Okay, there have been more mind blowing musical moments, but that's all I can handle for now.

3. Do you like to gamble? Have you ever won (or lost) big?

Other than a few Lotto tickets here and there, I'm not a big gambler. That's not to say that I haven't taken or thrown down a few non-monetary bets in my time.

4. Some people find comfort for their troubled mind in food. Others find it in music or books. What do you turn to for comfort when you are troubled or worried?

Take a nap. That's not good, is it?

5. When was the last time you felt apathetic? What was it about?

I'm feeling a little apathetic about this question right now. But, enough about that.

6. I just read that Google bought Pyra Labs (Blogger.com). Although Blogging was going "mainstream" before this, it most certainly will now have greater exposure, and one assumes, bring us even more Bloggers. Is this a good thing?

Who knows? I'm betting it's not too good, though, for the people who were gunning to buy Blogger and got beat out by Google. I'm not saying I know for a fact that someone else was interested in buying Blogger. It's just a little suspicion I have. It's all about competition. Eh? On another note, if you got two G's in your domain name, whether together or apart, maybe Google will buy you too. Ya think?

7. What did you do with all your freetime before you blogged? *

That's assuming I spend all my freetime blogging, now. Which I don't. I did things. I do things.

BONUS: Should I stay or should I go now? Um, well, that depends on where you are now. If you're there, then you should go. You can figure out the rest.

*Question provided by Rhonda.

Posted by Marie at February 17, 2003 11:25 PM