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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Sensitive fountain man

Tomorrow I will try my hardest to make amends with the guy who tidies the self-serve drink area at the gas station.

We got off to a rocky start. But, after some time, and a major of effort on my part, he seemed to warm up to me a little. Then, in a major setback a couple weeks ago, I did something to really piss him off.

The first time I saw him was last fall. Actually, I should say I encountered him. Because I pissed him off, big time. At least, in his book. Not mine. Apparently, he took offense at my grumpy mood. I'm usually a friendly person. But, not in the morning. That may explain why certain people steer clear of me in the mornings. No. That's not entirely correct. I'm friendly in the mornings, too. Really, I am. This one particular morning, though, I just wanted to do what I had to do and get out. The fountain man was being friendly. In my quest to just get a drink and get on to work, I must have ignored him. Immediately, I realized the error of my ways. His mood shifted. I tried to make it up to him right then by saying hi. But the effort was futile.

My first impression of him was "older gentleman." That was before I realized we're probably the same age. It occurred to me that his impression of me was "older woman." Bleh. I'm not an older woman. Far from it.

He started to look familiar. I wondered if we maybe went to high school together. Or perhaps I'd seen him in my office or the courthouse or the grocery store. I don't know. I wondered if he knew me. If so, that would be his advantage. And my obvious disadvantage.

After a couple months of me being overly nice to him in the mornings, despite his lack of acknowledgment of same, he finally started to return my friendliness. From then on, it was smooth sailing. That lasted a couple months.

The week before last, as I walked in the door and headed over to the soda fountain, he was blocking the aisle with his little cleaning cart. I could have turned around, went back down the aisle, gone up the next aisle, and come back to the soda fountain from the other direction. But, I was in a bit of a hurry. I politely asked him if he could scoot his cart over so I could get though. That was my grave error. He did it. Grudgingly. And he hasn't acknowledged me since.

I just can't have this fountain man being pissed at me.

Posted by Marie at March 16, 2003 9:38 PM