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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Indexing the indexes

Is someone seriously keeping track of all the blog indexing sites? "Cuz I'm sure not. So far.

Noticed this tonight: Amphetameme.com. Love that name. Very creative. It sounds like they're riding on weblogs.com's updates. From their page: "The crawler uses gzip-encoding for its http connections, which will minimize bandwidth usage." So, that's good.

Also spotted, "Experimental Weblogs.com Pinging Geo Client." But, I have no idea what that's about yet. Should be interesting.

I could stay at the computer all night since I seem to have developed some kind of adrenaline rush here. But, laundry calls. Yes, it's really calling.

Oh wait! I'm getting breaking news on my desk top from CNet: "Microsoft plans wireless software push." Oh my gosh! Must go read. Heh heh. No, not really. I just have to seriously calm down.

Posted by Marie at March 16, 2003 11:05 PM