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Monday, March 17, 2003

Monday Mission 0317

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 3.11. Go!

1. Do you have any plans for "Spring Break" this year?

I'll be enjoying a grueling week of work.

2. Did you ever have any wild Spring Break experiences? C'mon, tell me the stories!

They didn't have Spring Break back then.

3. What is your most memorable vacation of your youth?

The vacations we took when I was a kid were all camping vacations. I can remember them all. Mostly, we camped all over Southern Illinois and Wisconsin. The Southern Illinois trips were usually weekend mini vacations. We made a few trips into Missouri, Indiana, and one into Kentucky. We didn't stay the night in Kentucky, but we did take a ferry and watched the water rush over Kentucky Dam where the Ohio meets the Tennessee meets. Awesome!

One summer we went to Canada to see the Sleeping Giant in Thunder Bay. The place got its name from a massive rock island that, when you looked at it from the shore, appeared to be a giant sleeping with its arms folded across its chest. That's what I remember, anyway. Okay, I just found a link to the Legend of the Sleeping Giant. Check out that picture if you've never been there. Beautiful.

On the drive there, we passed through Duluth, Minnesota. Well, looking back, a better description would be that we got lost in Duluth.

We were towing a boat behind our 1960 Olds Super 88. It was white. It was a four-door. It had fins. And, it had a rocket V8 engine that could easily go 180 miles an hour. But, towing a boat loaded with camping and fishing gear, it pretty much maxed out at about a 100 mph.

Part of my responsibility on these trips was to periodically check to make sure the boat was still there. Somewhere, in what appeared to be downtown Duluth, we were driving down a street. Literally, driving down. As in straight down a hill. When I looked back to check on the boat, I was horrified to see the boat in such as position as it appeared to be ready to topple over the top of the car. I can still see that picture in my mind. That was one of two times in my life where I actually lost my voice from fear. Shortly, the street leveled out, and we got the hell out of Duluth.

We camped on the edge of the lake. The scenery was just beautiful The wildlife was like nothing we'd ever experienced before. It was August and it was cold.

Our original intention was to make our way across the top of the Great Lakes and enter the states at Sault Ste Marie. But, we only stayed one night.

Part of the reason we cut our stay so short was that it was much colder than we were prepared for. Another part of the reason was the ground under our tent was very rocky which doesn't make for good sleeping — cushy sleeping bag or not.

But, the main part of the reason we cut our visit so short was we only had one six-pack of beer. Canadian Customs confiscated all but one six-pack when we crossed the border. The customs agent informed us he had to search our car and boat for weapons. It was the 60's. My dad told him, no problem because we didn't have any weapons. All our gear was taken out and put on the side of the road. It was during this search that the dreaded beer (two cases) was discovered. The agent gave us two options. We could stay out of Canada and keep our beer. Or, we could enter Canada with one six-pack and check the rest at the gate. We checked our beer at the gate. This got the better of my parents. They debated all night whether or not to just abandon the beer or go back. We went back. The next day.

Two major things I learned on those camping trips: One, not only is it no big deal to get lost and get lost often, it's an essential part of life. We got lost a lot. And, two, to truly enjoy and know the importance of getting away from everything that is everyday life.

4. What was the best vacation you've ever had as an adult?

Bahamas. 1978. More later.

5. Now, what is that "Dream Vacation" that you have always wanted to take if you had the time & money?

My dream vacation changes from time to time. Right now, it involves me driving around the country in a camper. For years. Stopping at places. Meeting people. Taking my time. Maybe never going home.

6. Have you ever take, or had the urge to take, a "blog vacation?" That is, just taking some time off from blogging?

Not until you mentioned it...

7. You know how you get that creepy "danger" vibe you sometimes get from people you don't know? Has that ever turned out to be right? Or have you ever had a bad feeling about someone or a situation and not listened to that "little voice?"

I always listen to my little voice. Well, no, that's not quite right. My little voice always has the last word. Even when I try not to listen to it. That's why I'm alive to this day. More on this another time.

BONUS: Do you wanna see me beggin' baby, can't you give me just one more day?

Aww.... one more day ... a lifetime.

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