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Thursday, March 27, 2003

No free beer, no free chicken

Something got into someone's chicken coup. Several of the chickens were killed beyond recognition. Several others were severely injured within recognition. We can only imagine that the rest of the chickens were permanently and irrevocably traumatized having witnessed the massacre of their little friends.

What could it be? What evil creature could have committed such a crime? A fox? A racoon? A wolf? A coyote? A bigfoot? None of the above. It was a wild mink. Yes. A mink. How do we know this? The evidence can now be found on videotape.

Since we can't have wild minks running the countryside committing such horrors, a trap is set. A gentle, humane mink trap, I suppose. Unfortunately for all concerned, except the mink, a skunk got into the trap. Question: How do you get a live skunk out of a trap? I wouldn't even know how to approach the situation, though I'm sure there must be people who specialize in this. Skunk freers, perhaps.

Anyway, to make a boring story mercifully shorter, the skunk got it from the barrel of a gun. Somewhere tonight, some mink is laughing its head off. Probably.

Posted by Marie at March 27, 2003 11:54 PM