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Monday, March 31, 2003

The world just got smaller

The owner of the company I'm working for is what I would call, "of the world big time." At least more so than anyone else I've known around these parts.

During my second interview, at which he was present, I detected a slight accent which I was unable to pinpoint. After a few minutes, and since I could tell the interview would shortly end, and since I just had to know, I somewhat forwardly, but not brashly, as I'm often want to be, asked him if he was from Springfield. I considered my question might merit a quick dismissal. After all, what business would it be of mine. Much to my relief, he graciously responded to my question. He told me he came to this country in 1945. He also told me the country from which he came, but, of course, I won't be revealing it here. Just suffice to say it's on the other side of the world from here.

By virtue of his past business and personal relationships, he knows people and has contacts all over the world. For the most part, his current business is strictly located in Springfield, now. But, for reasons I can only speculate at this point, he continues to maintain his world contacts through the years to the present.

I'm finding that as I follow him around (via phone, mail, e-mail) in his dealings with these people around the globe, the world gets a little smaller. It's strangely comforting.

Posted by Marie at March 31, 2003 8:23 PM