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Monday, April 28, 2003

All through the shadows they come and they go

For some unknown reason, someone using RssBandit here is throwing 403's. I can't figure out why. I feel bad about this.

Somewhere there's somebody ain't treatin' somebody right

Thank ya, Bob

Posted by Marie at April 28, 2003 11:42 PM


Do you have any spam filtering or Hotlink Protection setup?
I had a problem where NewzCrawler wasn't allowed to download the RSS because my Homebrew Spamfiltering in .htaccess was blocking *crawler* and since NewzCrawler contained Crawler it was blocked.

Same thing might be happening with RSSBandit since its USerAgent contains Bandit. Then again it might actualy be a bot and it might be a good thing.

Posted by: Doc at April 28, 2003 11:55 PM

Good point. Now that you mention it, I'm sure it's because of the "Bandit," too. I haven't done a lot of research on it, but a quick look makes me think this is recently released news aggregator licensed under Microsoft .NET. Or something like that. I'm reluctant to let it out because it's banging the server every five or so minutes. I'm not sure if it's configured to keep trying because of the 403's or if it would behave "normally" if it wasn't getting 403's.

Posted by: Marie at April 29, 2003 12:13 AM