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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

More blog reading

The Movable Type Recently Updated sidebar is a great place to find more blogs to read. I like to check it periodically throughout the day. Also, I usually check it shortly after I post a new entry just to see who's doing what when I'm doing what.

Several times now, InstaPundit and I have updated at the same time. Makes me wonder if we're related. No, not really. I just said that. Glenn Reynolds always has good stuff. Entertaining and political at the same time. We don't get a lot of that around here.

Tonight I noticed a new one: Staff's Daily Status Reports. I thought to myself, gee, I wonder what the staff is up to these days. Strange thing, though, when I clicked on the link, I was prompted for a user name and password. Now I'm paranoid wondering why the staff is keeping me out of the daily reports.

Posted by Marie at May 14, 2003 11:08 PM


I have a confession.

I can't read Instapundit. It's like my eyes can't even focus on Glenn's writing. I know that he is read by so many, and I just can't. I couldn't listen to him on CNN either.

Maybe I'm allergic to him or something? ;) I have nothing against him - I just can't read his site. I can, however, read yours and love it.

Posted by: Christine at May 15, 2003 1:22 AM

That is so kind of you to say. Thanks, Christine.

Posted by: Marie at May 15, 2003 3:17 PM