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Monday, May 26, 2003

Memorial Day 2003


My mom and I went traipsing around the cemetery for a couple hours this afternoon. Today is Memorial Day in the U.S. As usual, we thought if we waited until after all the ceremonies were finished it wouldn't be so crowded. It was crowded. I suspect the crowds were due, in part, to the recent war. Or, current war, I guess.

Snippet of conversation on the way to the cemetery:
Mom, pointing: Is that a Porsche?
Me: No, it's a Mazda.

One theme I noticed at the cemetery this year: A lot of people stooped over cleaning the headstones of their loved ones with sticks and little pine branches. We took our own cleaning supplies. A cottage cheese container of water, a fingernail brush, and some take-out restaurant napkins we found in the backseat.

Snippet of conversation overheard at the cemetery:
20-something granddaughter, pointing: Oh, look at all those lilies on that cross.
70-something grandmother, looking the other way: Yeah, whatever.

Idea for an enterprise: Driving a golf cart around the cemeteries selling little headstone cleaning kits.

Snippet of conversation on the way back from the cemetery:
Mom, pointing: Is that a Karmann Ghia?
Me: No, it's a Porsche.

I've spent a great amount of my life traipsing around cemeteries. They are great places to think and learn and take pictures.

I looked up the spelling of Karmann in Karmann Ghia.

Posted by Marie at May 26, 2003 8:16 PM


I stumbled upon your site while looking for further information on cleaning headstones. I have many from my family that need cleaning as they date back to the 1860s.
I believe cleaning headstones for others might be a profitable enterprise for retirees like myself and will prepare to try this hobby/vocation for 2005.
I have been photographing headstones for others on a purely voluntary basis expecting only cost of film, gasoline etc to be paid by my 'client.' I have met several wonderful people this way and some were even "shirttail relatives" as I later found out.
I may continue the photography on a volunteer basis but charge for my cleaning time.
Thanks for the idea.

Posted by: Don Freidel at May 25, 2004 11:21 AM