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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Software piracy

CNet is reporting that in 2002 software piracy declined in the U.S. according to the Business Sofware Alliance. The BSA vice president thinks the software companies should do what the music industry does to further crackdown on software piracy. Oh boy. (Study: Software piracy on the wane.)

According to the Medill News Service, Illinois has the lowest software piracy rate in the nation. So, that's good. (Illinois Boasts Lowest Piracy Rate in the Nation.)

The director of technology development for World Business Chicago, said:

It lets the nation know that the software industry is enormous, and the dollar amounts associated are dramatic and significant to local, state and federal economy as a whole. Im sure Governor Blagojevich would love to see those numbers.

Damn, I wish he wouldn't have said that.

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