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Saturday, August 16, 2003


I'm checking out the possibility of buying college textbooks online for my daughter. Yeah, it's Saturday night. But hey, this is how my life goes. And, yeah, she should probably be doing this, but she is just way too busy. No? Okay, I volunteered.

When my nephew was here the other day, he said he got a lot of his books at Half.com for really cheap. Iíve never bought anything from Half.com, so I thought Iíd give it a try. To me, the name Half.com indicates the prices will be half price. Right? No. The books I found are far from half price.

General Chemistry by Chang (ISBN 0-07-293039-X) lists for $90.00 in the school bookstore. On Amazon it lists for $102.25, and they have 13 used and new from $74.64. At Half.com the same book is available for $85.89, $90.15, $100.62 or $106.85.

What am I missing? Maybe we waited too long.

Posted by Marie at August 16, 2003 11:40 PM


I always used to just suck it up and buy used books from the campus bookstore. I would then use the money I made from selling back the previous semester's books to help offset the cost for the next semester's set of books.

OK, you caught me. That's how I planned it. You and I both know I took that money and spent it on something completely lame like beer or video games or something...but it seemed like a good plan at the time!

Posted by: Jeff at August 19, 2003 9:32 AM

LOL! Yeah, it looks like she'll be getting some used books from the school bookstore. But, no beer. I hope.

Posted by: Marie at August 19, 2003 10:50 PM

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