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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Back to NAFTA

Someone from Galesburg made a comment on my NAFTA post from last April. He said:

I am one of the 1600 employees of the Galesburg Refrigeration Plant, who will lose their jobs to coporate greed. I have been employed at Maytag for a little over ten years. Words cannot express the devestation that has come to our lives. You hear about people losing jobs, and plant closures all the time, but you don't realize the effect it has on a person until it happens to you. I have 5 children and I can't help but wonder what their future will be like. When is our government gonna step in and say "enough is enough"? I am not going to dwell on the sadness of this closure. I just want others to know that it can happen to you. There is no such thing as job security anymore. The Maytag corporation says that it has no further plans to shutdown American factories, but we were also told that there were no plans to shutdown our plant just months before they made the announcement.

Someone should explain why this is good for America and American workers.

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Posted by Marie at September 11, 2003 11:51 PM