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Friday, September 19, 2003


Doc has a sad post about how things are done when someone dies at home. In his duty as a paramedic, he took a call yesterday on the “unattended death” of an elderly man. He passed away in his sleep at home.

My grandpa passed away in his sleep at home. It was the night before my 12th birthday. My dad had taken my mom, my brother and me out to dinner. We had been home about ten minutes when the phone rang. It was my grandma. She told my mom that they had gone to bed and my grandpa said something to her. She said she didn’t understand what he said, so she tried to wake up him to ask him to repeat it. But, he wouldn’t wake up.

My mom and dad went over there and, of course, he was dead. Instead of calling an ambulance, or the doctor, or the police, they called the undertaker. The undertaker came over, pronounced the death, and took him away. And, that was that in a small town in the 60's.

Posted by Marie at September 19, 2003 10:22 PM