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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Lawyer dives headlong into the muck

The Smoking Gun recently caught up with a third year Tulane law student who desires a $70,000 a year job upon his soon to be graduation from law school. In his effort to get a job, he has drafted a petition for an interview which looks strikingly similar to a court pleading. The guy is either desperate or extremely creative. In case of the former, he'll do fine. In case of the latter, his talents will be wasted, he’ll probably be disbarred at some point and do time in a federal minimum security prison. He writes:

If a piece of evidence was accidentally dropped into the garbage, I would have no problem going to the local dump and spending days covered knee-deep in the worst foul-smelling sludge imaginable to search for the evidence.

How intriguing. Did they teach him this at Tulane? Do all law school teach this now? The reason I ask is, of all the lawyers I worked for, it was the secretary’s job to recover evidence lost in this manner. The times, they are a changing. Good luck.

Posted by Marie at September 23, 2003 12:36 PM