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Monday, October 06, 2003

CD extras

I love this. Music Industry Experimenting By Adding Extras. Some bands are releasing their new CD’s with extra goodies. Specifically,

[...] the band P.O.D. which is coming with a ton of extras - including a Playstation2 game, a DVD documentary, trading cards and access to more unreleased music online. Plenty of other bands are experimenting with putting "extras" on their albums, and apparently the current top six albums all have some sort of extras on the CD.

I really hope this catches on and sticks with the music industry. Everybody loves extras. Case in point: If you have a choice of buying your favorite cereal with or without a trinket in the box, which do you buy? The one with the trinket, of course.

Interesting side note: I doubt the Rolling Stones were the first, but they released their only 1995 CD, “Stripped,” with interactive extras, including interviews and video of “Shattered,” “Tumbling Dice,” and “Like a Rolling Stone,” from the Voodoo Lounge tour. I’d like to think the Stones did it not only because they embrace new technology (they do), but also because they love their fans and wanted to give them something extra for their buck.

Via Techdirt.

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