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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Ryan indicted

A quickie Feedster search reveals what the blogosphere is saying about former Illinois governor George Ryan’s indictment in federal court today. Everyone is pretty much saying the same thing: Calling for his head. Some are more vicious than others.

There was one post that caught my eye. Infospigot (which appears to be a fairly new weblog) has done a little interesting research on Illinois’ last seven former governors:

William G. Stratton: Indicted for income-tax evasion (acquitted)
Otto Kerner: Indicted and convicted (bribery and other charges)
Richard Ogilvie: Clean, so far as we know. Probably why he only served one term.
Dan Walker: Indicted and convicted as an S&L thief.
Jim Thompson: His career was about indicting other people, for a change.
Jim Edgar: No dirt so far.
George Ryan: Indicted.
Prison: Their Home Away from Home (second post).

There are some interesting links there.

I have personal stories about Walker (short story at an airport), Stratton (short story on a bus), and Ogilvie (long story on a train sort of). But, it’s too late now. Must sleep.

P.S. Hello Infospigot I just subscribed to your feed and am looking forward to reading more of you.

Posted by Marie at December 18, 2003 12:09 AM


Hi, DM:

Yes, I just started blogging a few weeks ago -- though I've been Infospigot for years -- and this is the first place I've seen that anyone has picked up on anything I've written. Cool!

Glad you found the Illinois governors' stuff interesting. I, too, have a couple Prairie State gubernatorial stories. Maybe I'll share sometime ...

yrs &c. ...

Posted by: Infospigot at December 29, 2003 5:01 PM